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The Indigo Group

Mission statement

There is growing support for a dangerous dishonest socialist narrative that is currently sweeping the globe. Therefore, it is vital that supporters of freedom and liberty expose its flaws and offer an inspirational alternative. The Indigo Group was formed to do this. We believe that individual freedom and liberty offer the best route to prosperity and happiness.

Therefore, this movement applies three key principles. First, individual freedom of choice, secondly people keep as much of their own money as possible and thirdly the importance of decency and fair play which is essential to a good society. We want to expose how socialism simply fails to deliver and to stimulate debate as to how our principles allow successful aspiration not only in the UK but across the world.


Topic areas for discussion:

·         Federal Britain

·         Simplified and fair UK tax system – sales tax, contributory factor and local tax

·         Charity funding

·         Migration

·         Cultural control - BBC

·         Education

·         Foreign Aid and the Commonwealth Exchange

·         Small business

·         Save the British Pub

·         Family Law

·         The Public Sector

·         Capital punishment referendum

·         Prison Reform

·         Defence


Topic areas currently under development:

·         Pension and welfare reform – The Citizen’s Account

·         Corporation tax

·         Quangos

·         Housing

·         Constitutional Reform, including reforming the postal voting system. 

·         Transport

·         Climate Change and Energy


Please click here for the complete White Paper.


  1. Federal Britian

  2. One nationally collected income tax scheme and an increase to the personal allowance

  3. Abolish VAT and replace it with a locally collected sales tax (controlled by local councils).

  4. Capital gains tax scrapped in the long term (£3.8bn).

  5. Council tax scrapped (28.5bn).

  6. Sin taxes on Tobacco, Alcohol and fuel to be cut by 50% (£50bn).

  7. National insurance scrapped (phased) – Replaced with a locally collected contributory levy.

  8. A ban on Government funding of political active charities, NGOs and pressure groups.

  9. Introduce a VISA auction system and settlement loan for immigrants.

  10. Sell the BBC and scrap the TV licence.

  11. Abolish the National Curriculum and allow for profit schools.

  12. Establish a new Free Trade Agreement amongst Commonwealth members called the Commonwealth Exchange.

  13. Scrap the foreign aid spending target of 0.7%.

  14. A new fund to help small business protect their intellectual property abroad.

  15. A blueprint to enable all parents a right in law to have a meaningful parenting relationship with their children.

  16. Amend legislation to save the British pub industry.

  17. A maximum amount that can be spent of interims, agency staff and consultants would be applied to all staff budgets across the public sector. The cap would be set at 0.1%.

  18. Merge the Ambulance ad Fire Service to provide a more cost effective and safer service.

  19. A ban on paid union staff in the public sector.

  20. Referendum on restoring Capital Punishment.

  21. Prison Reform.

  22. Defence - Reverse the de-militarisation of Great Britain

  23. Successful implementation of Article 50 (£12.1bn net benefit, cost of annual EU membership).

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